Dried figs in Ancient Greece
Dried figs were recorded as one of the main food consumed by the athletes participating in the Olympic Games and were regarded as a symbol of prosperity and power as well. Aristotle described figs as an “antidote” that protects against harmful ingredients of other foods.
Figs from the area of Kimi
The high quality of these dried figs relies not only on the traditional ways of harvesting and dehydration but also on the globally unique variety of fig trees, which are exclusively cultivated in the geographical zone around Kimi.
The outside layer of these figs is delicate and their flavour is naturally sweet. Fig collectors still use traditional harvesting and dehydration methods to produce dried figs.
Unlike harvesting in other areas, where figs are usually collected after having fallen from the fig trees onto nets, figs in the region of Kimi are collected by hand, directly from the fig tree, one by one, only when the fruit is ripe enough. This means continuous hard work for the fig collectors during the harvesting period that lasts for a maximum of 30 days, from the 15th of August to the 15th of September. This harvesting and dehydration method ensures the highest quality of the final product and also indicates that these people put their heart and soul in doing what they love.
Dehydration - sterilization
Once they have been gathered, figs are placed to dry in the sun, until their colour becomes golden. The next phase is to cut figs in half, one by one and then place them again in the sun. Once the moisture is appropriately reduced, figs are placed together in pairs(thus giving the final product) and are placed back to the sun for the last time.
The last phase before packaging is sterilization. Dried figs are traditionaly dipped shortly in boiling water and then left on clean surface to dry again.
Dried figs are offered in a modern package in order to keep their organoleptic aspects and natural characteristics intact.
Being inspired from the shape of the final product that looks like number “8” (or the symbol of infinite “8”) we gave the brand name “8” to the final product.